Rewards Terms

This documents sets out the terms and conditions of how the Kurira Rewards works and must be read in conjunction with the Kurira Terms and Conditions of which this rewards terms document does not supersede.

All invitee information will be handled in accordance with the Kurira privacy policy.

Kurira may change the terms of these rewards from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. These rewards terms are effective from 22 January 2021


1 Overview

The Kurira Rewards is a way of giving back to the community that we operate in. Through the rewards programme we share goodness with those who use the Kurira network and work with us in expanding the reach of the network.

2 How to earn rewards

Earning rewards is very easy. You simply fill in the invitation form and when you submit it, both you and your invited friend will get a copy of the invitation by email. Once your loved one has joined, topped up and used their credit, we will reward you with 10% of the value of their first topup provided that they are a valid new customer.

3 What is a valid new customer

A valid new customer is someone who has never had a registered account with Kurira.

4 When rewards are issued

Rewards are processed as soon as the newly invited member has topped up and used up the credit.

5 How are beneficiaries notified

Beneficiaries are notified of their earnings primarily via email. Members must ensure accuracy of their email addresses in the personal information section of their Kurira account.

6 Who can be invited

Anyone who has never held a Kurira account can be invited.

7 Disqualifications

Bonuses become invalid if at any point an invited member requests a full or part refund of their first top-up.

8 How long will it run for

The Kurira Rewards is set to run indefinitely and is subject to review. In the event that the Kurira Rewards are terminated, all unclaimed bonuses earned before the end date will continue to be honoured for a duration of 30 days after the end date.

9. How queries are handled

In the event of any queries, they will be handled through the normal Kurira Support channels as published on this website. The Kurira Rewards program is operated according to the prevailing Kurira Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy.