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To continue making calls you need to download the Kurira app

Why Kurira is great?

Call Any Country

Great for calling almost anywhere in the world at affordable rates.

Calls are available to more than 200 countries at affordable rates

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Great Call Quality

Fast and stable call connection with crystal clear end-to-end quality.

Great call quality means you spend more time talking than trying to call

Call Monitoring

Call monitoring is enabled to help track every call and every penny.

With call monitoring you can check your minutes as soon as you make a call.

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Multi Access

No Wi-Fi? No problem, you can also use a Mobile Data connection.

Kurira works with Wi-Fi or 3G/4G mobile data while you are out and about.

Why Kurira is great for you

Kurira hosts a fine-tuned system to give you great calls to your favourite international destinations, which is why there are many reasons to talk about it and share with your loved ones.

  • Crystal clear call quality
  • Easy call connection
  • Free account, no setup fees
  • No account cancellation penalties
  • No other hidden charges
  • Easy account creation

It’s easy to start making cheap international calls

Follow these easy steps to start making international calls

Create Free Kurira Account

The registration is quick and easy. You can choose your username and password to get started.

Download Smartphone App

The app is available on all major platforms and can be installed on smartphone or tablet.

Configure Smartphone App

It's a simple and minimal configuration and you can use your own username and password.

Start making cheaper calls!

Start making cheaper calls with easy connection. Enjoy cystal clear calls with your phonebook conatacts!

"I can use the service without a problem so I have referred a lot of my friends and they are also happy."

Tina - Great customer service

"Making calls and getting top up is easy and when I need help the guys are always very helpful and patient."

Constance - Easy to use

"The reason I use Kurira is because it helps me to save money. I really don't like wasting money, so this is really good."

Clemence - Saves money

"I call abroad a lot and Kurira has helped me to save money. With rates that are the same as those charged within the country I call to, Kurira is best."

Thomas - I am a frequent caller

"I live in the UK and I use Kurira when I travel abroad. I have have introduced my friends who live in Australia and Dubai, so they now use Kurira."

Jackie - I can make calls from anywhere